I Call This Shameless Self Promotion

So, I'm still getting used to this idea of having my own website. It's new to me. But I though I could explain my domain name choice.

Originally, I used d.g.huffman as my username for everything. But with how large social media is, that didn't last long. I went to work finding a new username for everything. Eventually after numerous attempts, I landed on danielghuffman. 

I am working on some videos for my YouTube channel. Producing videos has always been a dream of mine, and now having access to my own website and my own YouTube channel, I thought why not. I can make money off of it if I really want to. And YouTube lets me produce whatever I want, whenever I want.

And now for my domain name. I was going to make my YouTube domain danielghuffman as always and go from there. except someone already did that. Damn them. Oh well. I kept the theme going for my website, so welcome to danielghuffman.com .


Long story short, don't wait. Dive after your dreams like Tom Daley diving for silver.


Read on, watch on.