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Change is good right? I often think so. Change makes us challenge our beliefs and realize our wrongs. We may not like to admit how backwards we can be, but we need to to be a better person tomorrow.

I have have often found that I take a conservative position on a subject I don't know much about. But when I educate myself on it, I take a more liberal position. And it isn't a matter of previous decisions affecting how I view the topic.

I had never support Planned Parenthood, even well into my liberal political stance, because I didn't understand what they did for the people around me and for the people I am yet to meet. I sat myself down and asked why I didn't like Planned Parenthood. What I came up with at first seemed reasonable, but with thought I became revolted by my previous views.

I am now proud to say that I support Planned Parenthood and their mission to provide free health care for all women across our nation. It's not just about abortions, it's about educating young women and providing a safe place for them to ask questions.

Change brings about all sorts of reinvention. This is the first of my reinventions I intend to write on. Stay connected and read on!


with love, Daniel