My name is Daniel Huffman

I'm seventeen. I am obsessed with design and how things function.

I have a love for art. I may have never been able to truly master it, but i do appreciate it. My cousin, Mia, attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and has inspired me to consider the arts as a good option for me moving forward.

I also have a passion for architecture. I fell in love with knowing that the forms we create are shaping people's lives. From their morning commute, to their weekends, architecture has a profound affect on them. And I would love to be able to shape how people interact with our world.


Labels. We all have them. They tell others who we are and us how to act. I have my fair share, and you have yours. While I don't think that labeling people is the most brilliant idea ever (Labels are for products, not people), we should be happy with who we are, who we've become and the positive impact our openness can have on others.

So, what are my labels? Visit Color


I curated some of my favorite topics below. Feel free to check them out, they all have a story to tell.